Twin Disc Marine Transmissions

Since 1933, Twin Disc has manufactured marine transmissions designed for continuous operation, with both forward and reverse features that result in a positive neutral.

Ratings extend from 70 to 1600 hp (52 to 1199 kw).

Twin Disc's trouble-free system includes air cooled and actuated clutches, oil directed lubrication and immediate response from the carefully designed and controlled valves that permit steady, controlled pressure rise for fast, smooth shifting. Housings are manufactured with jig bore accuracy and parallel shafts to assure correct and full face gear tooth contact for quiet, long-life operation.

In addition to its trademark marine gears, Twin Disc also markets NICO Marine transmissions, applications up through 5000 hp (3729 kw) NICO units are widely utilized throughout the marine industry. Twin Disc gears are equipped with a come home feature to assure return to port under emergency conditions.

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