2016 Hurricane Plan

The 2016 Hurricane Season will be on us before we know it, so reserve your spot now in case "that storm" decides to pay us a visit. Our new 50-ton Marine Travel Lift is the fastest and most rapid lifting Travel Lift in the area, and because of its mechanical condition, provides the most reliable, trouble-free service. Our Hurricane Plan is limited to the first 25 boats to register, so don't delay.


$1200.00/boat for the first 14 boats to register (5% Discount prior to Jan. 1, 2016)
$1500.00/boat for the 15th-19th boats to register,
$2000.00/boat for the 20th-25th boats to register.
Maximum boats 25.

If membership fees are billed to a credit card, a 3% handling/processing fee will be charged.
If, during a storm haul out process, it is decided there is time and space to haul additional boats outside the plan, the fee will be $5000.00 plus regular normal plan fees.


*A hurricane lift, block & splash fee of $500 will apply to all boats, plus a minimum of 5 laydays charged @ $50.00 per day for a total of $750.00 All fees must be paid prior to haul out. Laydays beyond minimum of 5 will be charged at regular rate. See the Hurricane Plan Form for details. The Hurricane Plan Form is available in the Marina Office.

Any questions, contact us at 850-453-3471 or email questions to pspelicansperch@aol.com.

2016 Hurricane Plans

When Does Hurricane Plan Take Effect?

History has shown that Hurricanes are unpredictable. The normal standard of "when a named storm enters the Gulf of Mexico" is an accepted alert mechanism, but not a fail safe method. Pelicans Perch Boatyard reserves the right to go into our "Hurricane Plan" at any point in time we feel there may be a threat. At minimum, that will include "a named storm entering the Gulf of Mexico," but could also include storms crossing over from the Atlantic, or storm systems projected to enter the Gulf of Mexico. Our goal will be to "rather be safe than sorry."

Time Frame:

We are limiting the number of boats we are taking into this plan in an attempt to accommodate everyone on the plan in a timely manor. Once we have gone into our Hurricane Plan mode, time will be of the essence. All participants are accountable to have your boat at the Boatyard and ready to be pulled at the slotted time. Please contact us early in the process for the best opportunity to meet your scheduling priorities.

Recognize that the closer a storm approaches, fewer time slots will be available to lift your boat. In the event of a Hurricane strike, you should anticipate the Boatyard will be completely closed and locked down at least 24-hours in advance of the strike, and no boats will be allowed in the Boatyard or Marina Basin.

We will attempt to have enough time slots set aside to accommodate Hurricane Plan participants from a 72-hour to 24-hour window before the event. While we will do all we can to contact you and work with you, the ultimate responsibility of reserving one of those time slots and having the vessel here and ready to lift on time lies with the boat owner.

One hour lift and blocking is scheduled for each boat. Additional time in slings due to vessel will be billed at $75.00 per 15-minute increments.

Boat Owners Responsibility:

It is the responsibility of each vessel owner to contact the Pelicans Perch Office and schedule a date & time to lift your boat for the Hurricane Plan. Changes in the lift schedule may only be accommodated based on the other participants lift schedules.

Cancellation of lift without penalty:

Storms change paths, and everything changes right along with it. Hurricane lifts may be canceled without penalty up until a storm is within 72 hours of land fall anywhere in the projected cone provided by the National Hurricane Center.

Returning to the Water:

Depending on the severity of the storm event and the condition of the marina, boats may begin returning to the water on the first normal business day after the "all clear" has been given. Extended delays returning to the water will be billed at regular lay-day rate.


It is recommended customers have their vessel at the transient dock 15 minutes prior to the scheduled lift time. If you are not at the transient dock at the scheduled lift time, you must re-schedule a new lift time with the office, on a space available basis. All Marina & Boatyard Rules and Regulations apply.

Extremely Important:

You must present a current copy of your boats liability insurance to the Boatyard Office BEFORE your boat will be lifted. NO EXCEPTIONS!

General Information:

Chains will be installed between two sets of jack stands under your boat for safety. We do not have tie downs for the boats in the boatyard.

Once a storm enters the Gulf of Mexico, you normally have 3 or 4 days before the hurricane hits land. It is important to stay in touch with us and adjust your scheduled lift accordingly and be on time for your lift.

NO Pelicans Perch Employee may operate your boat.

Due to safety issues concerning personnel & equipment, at some point prior to the storms landfall, management will cease operations in the boatyard and the marina. The property will be secured, all gates locked, customers and all Pelicans Perch personnel will vacate the property. No customers or Pelicans Perch Personnel will be allowed on the property from that time, until after the storm has passed.

While we do not anticipate any unforeseen problems or mechanical failures, should a break down of travel lift equipment occur or any other operational situation that would close or slow down the yard operations, Pelicans Perch Boat Yard will notify all participants as soon as possible to make other arrangements.

All Rules & Regulations, Indemnifications and Limits of Liabilities of Pelicans Perch Marina and Boatyard must be signed and apply to Hurricane Lift Plans.

Read Carefully:

Pelicans Perch Boatyard assumes no liabilities related to hurricanes or the Hurricane Plan, or to damage done by wind, water, wind or water born debris, or other vessels in Boatyard or damage caused during haul out process. All vessels are stored and handled at owner's risk.

If you have any questions please contact Patsy Stokes or Bill Guttmann @ 850-453-3471

NOTE: This plan is not a guarantee to lift your boat or to provide safe storage from damage related to high winds, flying debris, storm surge or other force of nature.

Before your boat may be lifted, we must have in our possession, a copy of either your current Insurance Policy "declaration page" or a copy of your "insurance card", listing the vessel we are to lift.

Due to policies in place, we will not lift your boat without the above information. If the insurance information is not readily available, contact your insurance agent to fax or E-Mail a copy of the information to us at pspelicansperch@aol.com or fax to the attention of Patsy @ 850-457-1662.

NOTE: Vessels that do not have insurance will not be lifted.