Discount BETA MARINE Diesel Engines & BETA MARINE Generators

Since 1987 Beta Marine Ltd has developed an enviable reputation for providing quiet and smooth running marine diesels to suit a wide range of applications at very competitive prices. We are able to tailor the engine to your boat with different mounting options. We can offer different propulsion options ranging from transmissions and saildrives.

Beta Marine engines and generators have earned the reputation of supplying quality products, giving smooth quiet and reliable power products at competitive prices representing excellent value for money.

Beta Marine's popular range of inboard diesels and generator sets are supported via their extensive distributor/dealer network, of which we are part of.

Beta Marine's engines and generators are built in their Gloucestershire, England factory and are based on the most advanced water cooled diesels.

The range of Beta Marine engines and generators feature high quality, heat exchanger or keel cooled engines which are both powerful and compact with low weight, and have smooth running characteristics through the speed range. Exhaust emissions are also very low and meet all current and future requirements.

Beta Marine's Atomic 4 range of replacement engines, specially designed for the North American market, features narrow feet and compact dimensions.

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